Hero Aid 1: Give your Heroes a leg up!

[ Jun 24, 2014 ]

In Clash of Lords 2 your Heroes lead the way and fight the good fight in battle. However, victory is not just a matter of deploying Heroes. Get the upper hand by learning the secrets of Hero Aid!

Easy to Use
Once your Heroes Hall reaches Lv 3 you’ll unlock Hero Aid. Hero Aid allows you to assign a Hero to aid other Heroes in battle. A second Hero can be assigned to Hero Aid when the Heroes Hall reaches Lv 5. Increasing the level of Heroes used for Hero Aid will result in increased HP and ATK boosts. Also, since a Hero’s Aid Skill level is tied to its active skill, increasing Hero active skill levels automatically increase Aid Skill levels. It’s just that easy!

Mix and Match

Elite and Epic Heroes not only boost Hero attributes but they also have Aid Skills that increase deployed Heroes’ attributes(HP, ATK, MOV SPD, etc.) With so many Aid Skills and Heroes to choose from, mixing and matching your own lineup offers endless hours of strategic fun!


Available on Android: http://goo.gl/LB1jll

Available on IOS: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id867427452

Available on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00K4APIN0