IGG's 1st Action Mobile MMORPG!

[ Jun 25, 2014 ]

IGG's brand new game, Brave Trials, is set to launch on Google Play this summer! This will be IGG's first mobile action MMORPG, and let me tell you, you've never had an MMORPG experience like this one before! Seamlessly blending intuitive controls, deep gameplay, and pet collecting, Brave Trials is gaming perfection!

Crisp anime-inspired graphics, beautiful maps, and rocking background music help bring the world of Brave Trials to life!

A virtual joystick and control pad allow for free movement around the map, along with fun and exciting combat!

Don't battle alone! There are hundreds of Faen for you to collect, each with its own individual skills and attributes. Train up your favorite Faen so they can fight by your side! Bring Faen together in unique combinations for big bonuses! And best of all, Faen are easy to collect just by playing the game.

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